A unique portfolio of terroir-driven (natural) wines for the service industry.
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Unobscured terroir wines, which are a translation of place, grape and winegrower. I like to work with winegrowers who know exactly what -minimal- intervention is needed to achieve a pure and clean wine, with the best expression of the Terroir.  Wine made with precision with as a result: Energetic and elegant wines to drink. I’m fortunate to be able to work with so many good winegrowers, and excited to be able to represent their amazing wines in the Netherlands. Terroirwijn is all about long-term relationships with great winegrowers who deliver consistent quality, with the knowledge that every year is different.


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I’m is always looking for new, undiscovered winegrowers who share the same vision about taste and wine. What is this vision? We believe that wine should first and foremost be pure. Pressed from healthy and quality grapes and grown with respect for nature, with the best expression of their terroir. This is only possible with as few interventions as possible during the cultivation and in the vinification process.

We work with wine-growers, not wines.

I love to work with small winegrowers with whom I have direct contact, because of this I’m well aware of what does and does not happen in the vineyard and cellar. But nothing is added just like that, and less = more certainly applies to our portfolio. You won’t see many multiple producers from 1 area, because we try to avoid competition within the portfolio.

The wines are constantly tested, wine is a living product, especially if it is not sterile from chemicals. That’s where the magic lies, but that can mean that the wine sometimes suddenly enters an unpleasant period. If that happens, we will immediately take the wines back, only when the wines are ready will we release them.

Tom Broekhuizen