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Le Tende Bianco Custoza 2017

€ 10,50



WijnproducentLe Tende Azienda Agricola
Alcohol percentage11.5%
Inhoud0.75 cl
Soort teeltBiologisch
Sulfiet gehaltelaag
CertificaatAgriculture biologique
Geschikt voor veganistenJa
Druiven garganega trebbiano tocai Cortese bianco Chardonnay
TerroirGletscher-afzettingen (Morainic); 120 m hoog; heuvels ten oosten van het Gardameer
BijzonderhedenGerijpt in rvs 'sur lie'.


De Bianco Custoza 2015 van Le Tende is door de Gambero Rosso 2016 uitgeroepen tot een van de allebeste prijs/kwaliteitsverhoudingen in Italie.

Le Tende Azienda Agricola

The “Le Tende” Cellar is located on Lake Garda, between Colà di Lazise and Cavaion Veronese, on a land that is blessed with a mild climate that has always been particularly suited for the production of great wines.
The Fortuna and Lucillini families have founded this wine cellar on the slopes of the sweet and winding morainic hillsides.
Here, expert hands, which are guided by Mauro Fortuna, dedicate themselves with love to the cultivation of vines and to the production of recognized quality wines. Naturally, this process is achieved by blending traditional experience with the most modern winemaking techniques.

Lake Garda is a magnificent area where slowness, leisure and pleasure blend harmoniously with various forms of entertainment: open air activities and shopping. The restaurants, cellars and wine bars allow visitors to come closer to the countryside and to enjoy a pleasant microclimate throughout the year. The area is full of great culinary pleasures, visits that are pleasing to both the eyes and heart and obvious opportunities to enjoy a good wine.
A vast estate called “Villa Le Tende” used to extend itself over this enchanting environment. This Venetian villa was built in 1880 and the Count of Bevilacqua used to live there. Currently, the villa is surrounded by two hectares of parkland where big lindens and century-old cedars are growing.
The “Le Tende” cellar is located at the foot of this villa, while more hectares of land, used to cultivate vines, are located in the heart of the production area of the Bardolino Classico, in Cavaion Veronese.