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Monticino Rosso Sangiovese di Romagna 2016

€ 9,25



WijnproducentFattoria Monticino Rosso
Alcohol percentage12.5%
Inhoud0.75 cl
Soort teeltLutte raisonnée
Sulfiet gehaltelaag
Geschikt voor veganistenJa
Druif Sangiovese
TerroirOpvallend warm microklimaat in de heuvels bij Imola; bodem is klei met kiezel en zand.


De ideale wijn bij pizza en pasta Bolognese: frisse zuren, fijn rood fruit, een spoortje stroefheid dat wegvalt bij het eten. Perfecte balans.
tech sheet Sangiovese S

Fattoria Monticino Rosso

Zeoli Family

The Fattoria Monticino Rosso is a family-run farming business. It was established in 1965 when Antonio Zeoli bought his first thirteen-hectares nucleus, named “Olmo” small farm. In the following years his sons Luciano and Gianni, who are now both leading the business, came up beside Antonio, and in 1985 the family acquired the twenty-four-hectares “Monticino Rosso” small farm, beside the first one and after which the whole farmstead will be named.
The Farm rises among the hills of Imola, next to the border with the town of Dozza, where the production of the sparkling wines from Emilia gives way to the firm and wild wines from Romagna. “Monticino Rosso” was already clearly identified in the cadastral acts edited during the Napoleonic era under the name of “Monticino dei meli granati” (“the pomegranates’ hill”) and for a century at least was owned by the noble Imolese family Codronchi Torelli, whose wealth and culture allowed for the landscape to be shaped harmonically.
And is with gratefulness towards those who had the privilege to own and love these lands, preserving in them the cultivation of the grapes of tradition, that Luciano and GIanni Zeoli had wanted to give to one of their most significant wines, the selection of dry Albana di Romagna, the name of “Codronchio